Snail Creams – Do They Live Up to the Hype?

You must have heard about snail cream!? It's a huge trend in South Korea & Asia, and slowly making its way in the US & European market. But, you might think: Ugh gross! Well, read on & we are pretty sure that we can convince you that using this snail cream has lots of benefits for your skin ;-) And you might even have to admit that snail mucin is not gross as you thought!

Actually, there's nothing new about using snail mucin. In ancient Greece snail mucin was used to reduce skin inflammation. Meanwhile, in South America it was accidentally discovered by farmers carrying snails to France. They noticed that their hands have become smoother, softer & younger-looking.

Snail mucin is a slime or mucus produced by snails to protect their exposed body parts against UV rays, bacteria & wounds. It contains hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, elastin, anti-microbials, copper peptides & proteins. These elements reduce & brighten dark spots, blemishes & acne-scars. They also have anti-aging properties; they relax muscle fibers that play a big role in wrinkle production. read more